Power outage when an external HDD is connected to TV

I usually connect an external HDD to my TV to watch videos. My question is, if there is a power outage, will it affect the hard drive in anyway? I know it will do bad if it is a computer, but what about a TV? Also, my kids sometimes just turns the TV off in the middle of a programme (when the HDD is running). Is it alright? Are there any general precautions we should take when we connect a hard drive to a TV?

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

The question of power has to be answered in two and I am assuming external power to the harddisk.

  1. A power outage has the potential of breaking the powersupply of the hd when power comes back. Using 220-240V as an example, there may be a pulse of more than 400V hitting the powersupply and while it is built to handle it, from time to time this causes it to break. This has nothing to do with the device where the harddisk is connected.

  2. For data corruption and unless the hd is really old, this happens when data is written and not read. If the TV just reads the data, you should not normally see a corruption occurring from a power outage even if you were watching a movie at the time.

  3. Turning off the TV in the middle of the movie should not affect the hd in any way.

With the above said, I have lost one USB interface in a power outage once, but this could have been purely coincidental as it was old. In this case both the powersupply and 3.5" hd was ok.

Hi Xercus,
Thanks for the reply.

I should have said this in my first post, that the hdd draws power directly from the TV. There is no separate power supply.

Now I see there really is no need for my concern.
Thanks again.


The one exception to watch out for is if the TV has PVR support and a programme is being recorded. In this case it is safe to turn off the TV with the power button on the remote control or the front of the TV as the TV will continue to keep the hard disk powered whenever a recording is taking place.

However, it would not be safe to disconnect the power to the TV while a recording is taking place as this will ruin the current recording and potentially harm the file system on the hard disk due to data being written as it lost power.