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If you are not taking part in the RC5 project then why waste time and CPU cycles

More info can be found at www.ud.com or on the news posting on the mainpage here http://www.cdfreaks.com/news2.php3?ID=1930

Thanks for your support :slight_smile:


I just want to remind everyone who is taking part in the UD project that it can take a while before you get to 100% per protein. This is is because you are calculating complex mathematical computations. This is NOT like cracking a zip password of 5 characters :slight_smile:


Right now it has been stuck at 88% procent for about 12 hours… (Athlon 1,2 Ghz)… is that normal

nr of conformers and hits are still counting btw


Yep, that’s quite normal. I was on 98% for about 10 hours. They are testing on a new client that works on smaller work units. This is in beta testing at the moment and should be ready soon.

Don’t worry as long as it’s still THINKING it’s still working. It’s usually the last 20% that takes the longest time.


I’m already working 58 HOURS AND 15 MINS AND IT IS STILL ON 97 % !!! djeezus :slight_smile:

It has been on 97% the entire day today…


Yea well, nobody said curing cancer would be easily done. These things take time.

Like i said as long as it’s still THINKING then don’t worry. By the way which protein are you busy doing now then ?

I am busy with a VEGF protein. 41% in 11 hours. The last one took me 25 hours.

How many ‘Hits’ have you got with your current protein at the moment MP|3 ?


I booted up my PC today and now it says:

45 hours, 25 mins :frowning: :frowning:

148 hits
Current molecule: structure not ready for display
Current protein target: Superoxide dismutase

:confused: :confused:


Superoxide dismutase is a very complex protein ! This WILL take a long time to complete.

The VEGF protein on the other hand normally takes about 25 hours on my P3 600 @ home and 22 hours on my P3 800 @ work.

You have 148 hits ! That is alot of points !!!

Nothing to worry about …

A tip, before you shutdown your PC put the THINK task on ‘snooze’ mode. And do not shut down the your PC before you reach 50% otherwise the THINK task could start all over again !!

You will probably get a VEFG protein next time. This does not take as long as the Superoxide dismutase.

UD is currently working on a new version of the client that will solve alot of these small ‘bugs’ and enable us to work on smaller work units.



You are not alone !!

see this forum UD Members forum

After reading some replies in this forum i can only conclude that everything is okay as long as the task is running.


okey :wink:


Just finished my last protein and an updated client was downloaded. This seems to work beter.

Hope this solves some of the problems from version 1.03d

I know a lot of you are irritated over CPU time when things crash. So the best way of doing that is to back up you UDAgent regularly.

Download the Backup batch file here

Download the Restore batch filehere

Whenever you feel like backing up your UDAgent simply start the UDBackup.bat file by clicking on it (in My Computer/Explorer or whatever you use to look at your files)

You can also have it done regularly be scheduling it in you “Task Scheduler”.

In the same way you can make Restore2.bat through Restore5.bat, provided you change the numbers in the text above (1->2 in Restore2.bat,1->3 in Restore3.bat etc.).
If a crash occurs run the batch file to restore the most recent backup (usually Restore1.bat). It may be some work to set up, but after that it’s quite easy to use.

Use these files at your own risk. I do not take any responsibility for any damages to your pc and/or software.

All credit and thanks go to Asciimonster on the UD forum for thinking of this.


So I was again away from my pc for about 30 hours.

Last time I left: CPU time: 45 hours, 148 hits, 97%
When I came back: 75 hours, 168 (?) hits, 97%

Ok still 97% but at least we had some more hits, so it most be working…

so what happens now, I pushed the snooze button, rebooted my PC, and what do you think…

CPU time: 45 hours, 148 hits, 97%

So 30 hours of work for jan dick ?? :frowning: :confused:


That’s why you should backup :stuck_out_tongue:

The client saves after every molecule ! When you rebooted it started the last molecule it was busy with.

Please remember the last 1/3 can take 2x or 3x as the first 1/3.

I guess you did’nt backup before rebooting ?


Is it 4 real? I mean isn’t it just a way 2 keep ppl bizzy…or is it really in the battle againsts cancer…???:confused:


Originally posted by -=HeadLesS=-
Is it 4 real? I mean isn’t it just a way 2 keep ppl bizzy…or is it really in the battle againsts cancer…???:confused:

Well it is sponsored by Intel, i don’t think that they could afford to get involved in anything that was not ‘kosher’

It really help’s, all information gets passed through to the University Of Oxford in England, they then use this information in thier cancer research.


I don’t know what all you people are talking about. With me my computer works 24 hours a day 7 days a week if i want to.

The protein Superoxide dismutase was finished in just 12 hours and i think that was quit quick.

I use a:
Pentium ||| 800 Mhz
40 Gigabyte harddisk

and use the version 1.03f of the UD Agent.

My granddad died because of cancer and i think this is a little way of helping other people who also have cancer.

CYA, treshr


it depends per packet…

one packet can be 5minutes of work, another can take days

you can have a mfh (molecule from hell) in it, and when you have it and you can’t leave your pc on for long enough to get passed it (and save), everytime you’ll reboot it start on it again and again and again and you won’t increase :frowning: then delete your packet so it has to fetch a new one

also hope your windows never gets a bsod when running ud, cos then you can start over from 0 again :frowning:

(btw : mfh, molecule with conformers way into the 100 million)


i have joined. I hope this helps the fight!!!


Glad you joined, we have 72 members now

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