Power iso files



ive downloaded a film in numerous daa files … about 12 i think

now ive downloaded power iso and installed

do i simply write these files as a data dvd so they will play on my divx player

or do i need to put them together somehow

ive read on here about imgburn , but that will not recognise the files

thanks in advance


in powerIso…find the “burn image” button and burn that daa as an image…it’s all that it is


NO doesnt work in the divx player

another dvd for the bin

how do i link these files together ? there are 13 of them , my divx player says no files no sound data



from poweriso website

Q: Can I Split the image file to multiple volumes?
A: Yes. If you save the image file to a DAA format, you can split the image file to multiple volumes. PowerISO will automatically read the sub-volumes while extracting or mounting.
maybe double click on 1 of the daa files and open w/ poweriso