Power DVD



Hello all…Just an annoying problem. Every time I start to burn with dvd shrink power dvd wants to open up and start to play the movie. I’m running windows 2000 pro with a benQ dw 1640 burner. I’ve searched and to no means can I find where to stop this. Thanks in advance for any help.


DVD Shrink has no burning engine.
If the source has a protection, it has to be accessed for few secs to be backupable…

Check the prefs of the tool.


I’m not sure that can be the solution for your problem, but check on powerdvd options if you have “Play automatically upon inserting disc” selected and try to unselect it.


Ok…so just how can I stop power dvd from automatically opening when I
insert a dvd. Maybe thats all I need.


Check on powerdvd preferences. I don’t know where is exactly because different versions have different interfaces. It should be in the first window of preferences


Thanks all…If it had been a snake it would have bit me. Just thought I had searched good. It is right on the control panal face. Thanks again!!


You’re welcome :slight_smile:

And let us to know if this solve the problem :iagree:


You may wish to check if you you have auto-run enabled in windows for your optical drive if the above advice is not the siver bullet. PowerDVD is likely the windows associated program to handle video dvd’s on your system. If autorun is enabled on your optical drive…windows will automatically fire over powerdvd by default. :slight_smile: