Power dvd region permanent

Can anyone help me here? I ran power dvd xp on my machine and it told me that my dvd rom is now set on a permanent region after 5 uses.Is there any way of getting rid of this?
I have tried uninstalling then re- installing all to no avail.Help pleeeez.

You can use DVD Genie or Region Killer to reset the counter. Your dvd-rom drive must be region free itself first though.

DVD Genie: http://www.inmatrix.com
Region Killer: http://www.elby.org down?
Region Free For your DVD-ROM drive: http://www.rpc1.org

there are 2 parts to region coding, the DVD ROM firmware & the player software. you probably need to hack your firmware to region free, try here for info on model etc and then you need to run something like region selector or DVD Genie to make the software region free