Power dvd can not read my hard disk file VIDEO_TS.IFO


I try to save my DVD as STONER describe

There is no problem during step 1 and 2

so I decide to check the result (after DVD shrink)with powerDVD with opening my VIDEO_TS.VOB in VIDEO_TS directory

but it can not read it
I have no error message

I decide to check the result (after DVD decrypter) and I have the same result

I try to open with Window media player and it is OK

I have power DVD 4 XP


  1. Why powerDVD cn not read my file?

  2. If powerdvd can not read my file, is it possible that after step 3 (burn with nero) it will be ok?

Thank you for your help

okay just kinda confused …

if you use just dvd shrink you just need to compress it if need be and then it does all the work for you

and powerdvd should be able to read it fine … if not soemthing has gone wrong in dvdshrink or an option u have selected

here is a tutorial that is simple I put together that should get you a working copy


problems post back up and let us know and if you get up and going that is great too …

also have you tried another program like windvd …or new version of powerdvd 5 ? I knwo with powerdvd five you just go to folder and it picks it all up for ya …

but I would think if running in media player should run fine … but i would always test first …