Power DVD 7 Ultra and DVD's

Just got the LG CCG H20L BR/HD DVD drive and I have a problem playing regular DVD’s in the drive. I get an error saying to decrease the resolution of my display. No problem with BR or HD DVD’s or playing ripped DVD’s from my hard drives. Any idea’s? Would possibly running AnyDVD help with this? Will do some more trouble shooting tonight but any suggestions would be grateful.

Might be a glitch on that particular DVD title?
What version of Power DVD Ultra?

Let us know if you found a solution. :slight_smile:

Well, I did some trouble shooting most of last night and this is what I have found so far. I get basically 2 errors but with dofferent versions of power dvd. With power dvd 7 deluxe the error I get is this,

This error occured when I played both older dvd’s( Lost in Space and X-men United) and newer dvd’s (3:10 to Yuma and Resident Evil: Extinction). But the newer dvd’s played fine with power dvd 5 deluxe and both versions play ripped dvd’s from hard drive just fine.

But I get this error with power dvd 5 deluxe with the older dvd’s,

But the newer dvd’s play fine.

Also, I have none of these errors in my desktop pc in either power dvd 7 deluxe or power dvd 5 deluxe which runs windows xp. Frustrating error but I think it is a combination of the H20L drive and power dvd. Sent them an email, so lets see what they say. If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions please feel free to chime in. Thanks.


Seems that your gfx card is the problem.

Which one is it??

Sounds that your monitor cannot handle the resolution?

Maybe you can tell us your PC Specs and which connections you’re using (VGA, DVI, or TV Out)?

Can’t really be the GX cause BR and HD DVD disc’s play fine but its the HIS H26PQT512ANP 2600PRO from newegg,


I am using a DVI to component adapter and only using one port right now so I don’t why that one error is telling me ‘This copy protected disc cannot be played when the TV out function is enabled’.

My tv monitor can handle upto 1080i, but its only at a default resolution of 720p. I will try a straight dvi connection tonight and also a dvi to hdmi adapter to see if that does anything.

I don’t see DVI to component adapter from newegg pics, I can only see DVI to HDMI adapter and HDTV to component adapter.

If you’re using the component adapter, it might be the case that HDCP is not pass to that one so you need to use DVI to HDMI and run HDMI cable to your TV.

I will try that route tonight to see if it makes a difference, but this is the adapter I am using. Since component is HD compliant which utilizes HD resolutions up to 1080i (not sure about 1080p) I don’t see why this would be a problem but weirder things have happened between hardware and software in this HTPC era.

Finally got the drive it to work with all media types (DVD’s, BR and HD DVD) on power dvd7 deluxe. It wasn’t even a drive issue at all. I switched out the component adapter I was using on the graphics card for the HDMI adapter that came with the graphics card and its working fine now. I guess that old component adapter is not compatible with the higher HD resolutions and HDCP content put out by the graphics card. Thanks for the input zevia.

Thanks for reporting back pscdoc. :wink:

Zevia, a quick question if you will…I just copied a HD DVD to my hard drive using anydvd hd and I was trying to get power dvd ultra to play it, but it does not load the files. Am I missing something?

Also, what other software do I need to copy BR and HD DVD discs to my HD and play with power DVD 7 ultra?


psdoc, the newer PowerDVD Ultra (3319b and up) does not allow to playback from harddrive anymore. You will need to downgrade to 3319a. :wink:

Also, what other software do I need to copy BR and HD DVD discs to my HD and play with power DVD 7 ultra?
AnyDVD HD. http://www.slysoft.com/en/anydvdhd.html

Really, why did they remove that feature in a NEW version?! seems like a step backward IMO. I will try and look for the older version.

Gotcha on the Anydvd, but do you know if DVDFab HD dycrypter can also rip BR and HD DVD to hard drive?

THanks for the reply =)

Mods…sorry about the double post but since the forum has different section for different software I thought I would ask in both.

[quote=pscdoc;1975344]Gotcha on the Anydvd, but do you know if DVDFab HD dycrypter can also rip BR and HD DVD to hard drive?[/quote]Yes you can use DVDFab HD if you’re not worry to much that your drive will be revoked. Nevertheless, it’s a great and free software but just be careful if you use it for Blu-ray.

alright, thank you.