Power Director 7 Ultra. I need help

Okay, this is irritating me. I think it has done this to me in the past before, but if it did I don’t remember what I did about it.
I had Power Director before I crashed my computer. I had a music video that I was making, and I saved it onto my external harddrive. When I installed Power Director on my computer again so I could watch my only partially finished video, it said it was made in an updated version. I updated it and everything was fine and dandy. Then when I opened the project it said it had an error with the file. I clicked ‘ignore’ and figured it was nothing. All of my clips in the timeline were black. I figured this was due to the host video not being in the library, this is where my problem starts.
When I try to import the host video, it does just fine, but my music video clips are still blank in the timeline. So I tried restarting the program and loading the project again, only to find that my host video wasn’t in the library at all. It’s like I’d have to import the stupid thing every time I wanted to make a video, and make sure I finish it all at once or it wouldn’t be there when I came back to it. I don’t know if it is just me being lazy and forgetting to do something or not.
My other question is how to create clips out of a long video. Meaning is there a button that will automatically do this, or do I have to do it manually. I thought there was a button before, but I have used so many programs with video editing I cannot possibly remember everything. I just want to know if I do get the video to remain in the library, and I do get clips made…will my video load? Will the project render my clips viewable again, or will I have to be ticked off and do the whole thing over again?


After about twenty seconds I figured out what I was doing and felt extremely stupid. So sorry for wasting your time if you have read this. Clips are currently being made and I am waiting for them. I still have the question as to what I can do in order to not have to remake this video.