Power Director 3.0 USB Audio MIA

I just got Power Director 3.0 USB and when I capture the picture is GREAT but there is no audio. The “Audio” button is greyed out after the “Capture” screen fully loads. This is a USB and so there is no direct input to my audio card.

I am using a Vidio Capture unit from Turtle Beach since it is the only one which says it will capture Closed Caption, which I need.

I have used Power Director with another USB unit (Xpert Video Maker) and their unit has a separate audio plug which goes right to the sound card and works find but the best picture I get with it is poor quality so I’m stuck with the Turtle Beach unit.

Any help greatly appreciated.


It could be that your capture device is not recognizing your onboad sound card, and could be as simple as going into options/preferences and selecting the correct device. I have a few different capture devices, and some of my software brings the sound in just fine, and others, it is a real pain in the butt. Both the software and the hardware have to be capable of seeing your devices. Try doing a google for Power Director, and audio, and see if you can find postings from others having the same problem. I don’t use the same things you have, so I can’t be much more help than that. Another good source for finding solutions to problems like this, is at www.dvdrhelp.com