Power consumption

I am doing Msc Software Engineering. my thesis is about power consumption in cloud system. i am wondering, do you have any software in order to measure power consumption in cloud system? i wanna measure power usage by 5 PCs with equal specification in different state. if you have software in this that can be used let me know.

thanks in advance

You can get software that ‘estimates’ power consumption but the only accurate way is to use hardware.

You can buy plugin power comsumption meters and they’re pretty inexpensive too.


I’ve heard of power meters being available to check out of the library, like a book or a tape. You might also see if your local utility has meters available, too.

I have this hardware power meter a kill a watt . I used it to check my computer & it didn’t seem to cause any problems .

I use something very similar here in the UK. My unit gives amps, volts and watts as well as accumulative power consumption in kilowatt hours.
All these parameters are readable at any time just by pushing the right button. I don’t think that you can do this easily or accurately in software, if at all.

thanks all dear.