Power consumption and temperature benchmarks

All the reviews and comparison i’ve seen only care to benchmark the I/O speeds and totally ignore two important factors concerning usb pendrives:

[li]the power consumption;[/li][li]the temperature.[/li][/ol]
The temperature is an important factor for evalutating the realiability of most eletronic devices.

The power consumption is another important factor for battery-powered and power-constrained devices like notebooks, smartphones, and mini PCs.

In the past years i’ve made myself some measurements with an USB meter and here are the results.

Actually i am looking for some benchmarks of the Toshiba pendrives that claims to have a “low-power-consumption ASIC controller” and this Verbatim pendrive that claims “30-50% lower power consumption than competitive drives”.

Those are very good questions eadmaster.

TBH power consumption is something I’ve never thought of in relation to USB thumb drives but obviously they must consume something.

It would be interesting to find out.