Power Calibration errors



I have no idea what these are. A while ago when i had just my 482448 i bought some 24x Memorex CD-rw’s but when i tried to burn them i got a power calibration error. So i recently found these cd-rw’s lying around and thought i should try them in my px-716 and i got the same error.

Maybe i should have returned the stuff years ago :frowning:


incompatible media most likely. check the compatibility tables on the official plextor site.


If two drives fail with the same discs then it could be a media related problem. Any change to try these CD-RW discs in another drive, if possible a non-Plextor? It also couldn’t hurt, if you haven’t done so already, to upgrade the firmwares of your Plextor drives for better media compatibility. Let us know what you find out!


I have the same matter with 24X CDRW (Info by plextools 2.23: NASHUA, INFODISC Technology (type 1) 24 X US) with a liteon LTR 48 and with the PX716A, i asked Plextor europe (with the report), they send me the link for compatibility media list of PX716A :sad:. They work fine on LTR 42 :confused: