Power calibration errors with Nero

hi guys, i need your help… i recently flashed my NEC 2500A to nec107v2b4, everything was fine, but yesterday i flashed it to nec107v2b5 which it supports DL but i didnt like it, therefore i flashed it back to nec107v2b4. everything is fine, i can burn dvd-r with no problem whatsoever, i can even burn 4x to 8x and never have any problem. BUT, i found out that i had a few dvd+r imation and maxwell disc left, therefore i tried to burn with them, but no matter what speed i set it to, it will NOT burn.

nero 6.0 says,

nec dvd rw nd-2500a
power calibration error
generating dvd high compatibility borders
generating dvd borders completed successfully
burn process failed at 2.4, 4x, 6x, or 8x

HELP!!! :bow:

I try to help - the headline could perhaps be a little more informative, but your cry for help is quite clear.

Are you sure you have used DVD+R with the same version of Nero and same firmware previously? The reason for asking, is that I think Nero is to blame - the slightly older versions of Nero (say more than 14 days old or so) produced power calibration errors with non-stock firmware, as it has been reported in quite a few threads here. However, an upgrade to the very newest one have solved that for some people. Try download and install the newest version 6 from www.nero.com

I have not had any issues myself. I keep my burning applications as updated as possible, as I am sure that the developers of these programs scans these interest driven forums quite often and thereby try to reduce the pain we consumers get from using their products… At least I would!


By the way. Please report back - others might benefit from your findings!


it worked before, and i believe i have the updated nero 6. if nero is the one to blame then how come it works so well with my dvd-r disc? by the way, the dvd-r dics that i am using are those fancy verbatim digital movie discs, i am not sure if the cheap one would work though… but the dvd+r i’m using are imation and maxwell which i believe they are one of the best. is the firmware upgrade damaged my drive?

If you read all the warnings posted by Herrie and everybody else, it should be clear to you that all you do is on your own risc and thus potentially harmful. However, I have not actually seen any damages by flashing of firmware, especially not something that only relates to dvd+r.

You should keep in mind, that there are subtle differences between + and - (both in math and in relation to dvd) and therefore, you cannot imply that everything regarding Nero is fine because you don’t see problems with dvd-r. I therefore suggest that you check you version number of Nero - the latest I have seen is

However, if you can write dvd-r and is happy about that, then do so. I rarely write dvd+r.


Very very unlikely.

Check Nero and make sure you are running
If not, update.
It could also be that your “older” discs are dirty or scratched.
Inspect them and clean them before burning if they are dirty.

hmmm, i just wanted to know if the upgrade could damage the drive, it’s not like i’m gonna sue or anything for a lousy 60$ that i paid for. i will update my nero to see whats up. thanks, guys. btw, the current verion of nero that i’m using is i think (not sure), well it’s pretty darn close to