Power Calibration Error

I’m using a Sony DRU 510a with Ri-Disc DVD-R and I keep getting Power Calibration Errors. I know it’s something to do with the compatibility of the hardware and media, but it used to burn Ri-Disc’s without any problems.

I’m also using a Pioneer 107d with Ritek Printable discs and getting the same problem. Both media types are high quality and both writers used to burn the exact same brands without any errors at all. Is this a problem with my writers?

I have also run into a problem with media compatibility with my Sony 510a.
It appears that Sony has decided to leave their customers out in the cold regarding new media. My 510a burns most 4x media just fine. I use Ritek G04 (4x) media with consistently excellent results.
It will NOT burn Ritek G05 (8x) media at all. I suspect a firmware update is needed, which doesn’t exist, so as 4x media disappears, our 510a’s will become useless. If Sony doesn’t address this issue soon, this 510a burner will be the last Sony burner I ever buy.

I should add that the focus of my problem and issue is 8x DVD-R media in teh Sony DRU-510A. I have not tried 8x DVD+R media.

I have a Pioneer108(oem) and a BTC1008 and use Ritek G05 8x-R. I get “Power Calibration Errors” if I use them on the BTC and if they do burn, the BTC will only burn at 4x. When I use the same media, Ritek G05 8x-R,(in fact I can take the exact same disc) in the Pioneer108, it will burn them at 12x. I guess it’s a combination of the media, burner & firmware.

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I used old ritek 4x dvd-r with perfect burns all the time (250+ good burns). The new ritek dvd-r 4x media however use the new G05 (8x) dye ( use nero info tool on a blank disc ) so now I get the " power calibration error ".

The dru-510a is NOT compatible with ritek media even with firmware upgrades

I’ve emailed sony and await a reply on compatible 8x media. Mitsubishi’s work ok but are almost double the price of previous media I’ve used.

I’m hoping I am not left with a redundant sony writer once 4x media are phased out. If so then I’m going Pioneer in the future.