Power calibration error?

Wtheck is this?? I got this message when trying to burn disk with nero 5.5.9… it started 4% then said burning failed & power calibration error …some time i can’t even can’t get the cd loaded … the cd burner can’t detect the cdr … :confused:

Might just be crappy media.

Originally posted by rdgrimes
Might just be crappy media.

Thats probably it. I thought my 8 month old PX-4012A CD-RW drive was dying as I had similiar errors with t but I found it it was the media I was using which was at fault :frowning:

Down with Pro Disc!

Down with pro disk ??? u too ?? i’m got this problem after bruning(not at once) 20+ eblue 32x Pro Disk(black surface), dye:9… Today can’t even load normal CDR… my old drive is dead bcoz of burning 10+ Imation 32x CDR (black surface too)…
I think i will never buy black surface CDR again!!! Now my benq 40x12x48 got this problem too!!

I’ve had this problem too. it seems that the lighter the dye color, the more problem it has with this. this is still a very uncommon error and the only thing that I know of that can cause it is bad media. try some verbatim datalife plus, i’ve never seen it happen with that media.