Power calibration error?



I'm getting a "power calibration error" when I try to burn a disk on my Liteon 24102B (7 months old, no problems before). I've tried Nero and CloneCD. Using Emtec disks, I've burned already with about 4 of these. Also tried another brand.
The drive seems to read OK.

When I checked Asus probe it had a 13.632 flashing in the 12v column. Award BIOS software reported 13-13.15 v. I tried a new power supply which is OK but burning problem still persists.

I've also moved the burner to another PC and have the same problem.
I've tried cleaning the lens.
Could the higher voltage have fried part of the burner?
Any suggestions?

Peter B

Athlon 1800
Asus A7V333
Geforce 3 Ti


I had the same problem before, try experimenting more on different media, if that doesnt help, well, I guess you should ask for a replacement, one of my friend told me that its a drive hardware failure.