Power Calibration Error

When I try to burn CDs, I often get this message: “Power Calibration Error”, and it happens more often with CD-RWs than with CD-Rs. Does anyone know what it means, and what the solution is?

I’ve had this problem with my old Philipd cd-rewriter. I heard that you could use other cd’s (better quality). But mine was just broke so had to open it and clean the lens. So I’d say: try some other media and if that doesn’t work, time for a new writer? That’s what I did

There are lens-cleaners you can buy if you don’t want to open your writer, they work with various results…

I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve been told that lens cleaner can be harmful, and should be used with care…

Don’t you think I could have a problem with my power supply? Maybe burning CD-RW requests more energy than burning CD-Rs… Mine is 150W

A crosspost in disguise :slight_smile:

Yet why do you give such little info here compared to the other post you’ve done ?


Well, I just thought I could be more precise after having written this post… Sorry! :slight_smile: