Power calibration error



i have a hp7200i and i have alwys the same error message " power calibration is full " someone know how to fix this ???


I believe that the HP 7200 is the same as the Philips CDD3610 and mine was broken down twice when i got this error it is with Nero right ? i hope you’ve got some guarantee i have a Teac 58S for now

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try to use a different brand CDR’s. hope this helps, my hp7200i sometime give up
on lost of stream on the cdr’, then I just use another cd.


I had the same problem. I tried the latest version of Nero, an older version of Nero,used different brands of CD-R’s and I even formatted my computer, nothing helped. My last solution was to take the writer apart, and clean it from inside. Guess what! it worked super again.


I used thats 80 min cds and philips cdd3610 and i had the same problem… i uninstalled nero and reinstalled easy cdcreator and it worked again…

Does anybody know something about … that you first have to install easy cdcreator and then nero because nero “should kill some files??”