Power Calibration Error



Recently I’ve been having a trouble burning DVDs on my ASUS DRW 24-B1ST drive, on stock firmware as well as on Lite-On iHAS424 and iHAS524 firmware. First, it started by failing a burn at 100%, I assume it failed writing the lead-out. After that I always get power calibration errors. After reading up on the problem it would seem that it’s most likely crappy media, and switching media does remedy the problem, BUT it just makes no sense. First off, because I’ve used this media many times before and it works just fine; and secondly, because this media, including the EXACT disc it first presented the problem, still works in my BenQ DW1640. Any reason this would just randomly stop working properly? And would there perhaps be a way to fix this problem. It would seem to be a hardware problem, but that’s about it.


Power calibration errors are caused by crappy media, this is a matter of fact.

Among the other things, the bad quality discs have also a huge variability so even if you already used these discs in past successfully, this doesn’t means that these discs will work always. Some batches are even more ugly than usual.

Variability is so wide, that you can get decent discs and coasters in the same box (it already happened to me… I trashed about half of discs in a 25 discs box :Z).


And as I said in my original post, I’ve used a disc that got the “Power Calibration Error” in my ASUS drive to burn in my BenQ drive. Wasn’t the quickest burn, but I got the ASUS drive cause my BenQ is starting to die so I wasn’t surprised.


No drive can transform a low quality disc into a good disc. Some drives are more picky than other, and probably the Asus it is really picky, but the culprit in your case is still the disc.

To be sure that you got a defective drive, a successfully burn of these discs on a benq drive is not a reliable test. Try to burn some proven quality discs on the asus: if you still get power calibration errors, then there is really something wrong. It could be a faulty drive, a damaged cable, or an insufficient PSU.

As I already said, the previously successful burnings with that media are not an evidence that the drive has something wrong: there is too much variability in low quality discs so probably in past you got a decent production batch and this explain why you were able to burn these discs successfully.


That was about my thoughts on it. I just wanted to make sure though as it’s a pretty recent drive. Hope it’s not my PSU though.


Just for the book, what media and MID we are talking about?


It’s 16x DVD+R Ridata brand media, but the manufacturer is Ritek with MID (Assuming Media ID) of F16.

An interesting side note is that even when the BenQ is able to burn it it’s essentially useless media as it can only be read by computers. None of the DVD players we have can read the media. I’m trying to burn DVDs to use in my media player so it’s rather important that it works in them. :smiley:


I suggest to use Verbatim discs :slight_smile: