Power Calibration error



Hi guys, i have searched on the internet and tried most things to try to sort this out bt im at a loss, i have an NEC-3550A, and nero 6 ultra edition, my problems started a few weeks ago and im not sure why.

I can burn dvd’s no problem at all with clone dvd2 but audio cd’s with nero are becoming a pain in the butt, i can burn a cd and then if i try to burn another i get power calibration error message, if i swap cd for another one it sometimes works, if i then put the first blank cd back in and try to burn 9 times out of 10 it will burn, i have never had 1 bad disc on this drive and suddenly im getting power calibration error.

I have disabled imap service and this does not help, i have cleaned the lense with a dvd lense cleaner, i have updated the firmware on the drive but i still get this problem, sometimes it works sometimes it does not but i just cant get my head round the fact that i can put 1 blank cd in and it not work, put another blank cd in and it work, then put the first blank cd back in and 9 times out of ten it will work.


Think i have sorted it, i borrowed an LG-GSA-E10L external drive off a friend and it works perfectly so it must be my NEC drive on it’s way out, better get myself a new drive now:), any recomendations would be much appreciated.