Power calibration error?



Using Nero the following errors appear while finalizing a CD-R:

Power calibration error
Could not perform end of Disc-at-once
Invalid write state
Could not perform end of Disc-at-once
Burn process failed at 48x (7,200 KB/s)

Any ideas why?

#2 seems really buggy. I always get a write or verification error at the end of any DAO write. If you look, you’ll see a dip in speed at 98 percent and as the buffer empties you’ll see errors. Chances are the disc will read perfectly fine all the way to the end, but Nero shows errors. This happens both with a Plextor and Philips drive.

I really wish Nero would get their fingers out and fix these bugs that they seem to have introduced with 6.6.x.x series. Right now Nero seems to have real problems just doing basic things like burning a disc reliably. I’ve used Nero for years, but right now I’m looking around for something to replace it that isn’t so flakey.


i don’t understand why so many ppl have issues with NERO. it works just fine for me through and through and most of the time it’s really a software/hardware conflict or user error.

are you sure you’re using a CD that can fit the ISO or data you are trying to write? from the error, it looks like the burn is reaching the end of the disc without completing. is it an older 650mb CD-R that you’re perhaps trying to burn a 700mb ISO to?


Because it’s buggy? Seriously, I’ve been using Nero for years, and 6.6.x.x has given me more problems doing basic burns than all other versions put together, let alone the other bugs Nero itself has admitted to over the last few versions.

I know I was using 80 minute discs and the data wasn’t too large, but I’ve still seen this error on different discs, different drives - and I’m not the only one reporting this kind of problem. As you said, many people have issues with Nero.

Maybe you’ve just been lucky and your hardware matches what Nero use themselves or you don’t use the program as extensively on DAO burns, but that doesn’t mean a lot of us arn’t seeing basic problems with the current Nero. Problems that I didn’t see with the 5.x version or the early 6.x releases.


agreed that there are bugs…ALL software has bugs. i’ve been using NERO since version 5 as well on at least 4 different machines with diff HW/SW configs. i’ve also noticed that NERO support is present on these forums and has been fairly timely in responding and/or offering insight into a potential bug (which is more than MOST software companies i can recall).

just checking about the CD-R/data thing…never hurts to point out the obvious (unless it hurts one’s feelings :shrug: )

many ppl do have issues with NERO, but i am confident in saying that many of those issues are attributable to HW/SW conflicts and/or user error (not saying yours is). i’ve used just about every function of the NERO suite either for testing/curiousity purposes and/or real usage and haven’t experienced nearly as many issues as i see posted here.

just my 2 cents…take it or leave it. :smiley:


Well when your hardware/software works with other burning programs (including earlier versions of Nero 6), and then you update Nero and find that things start failing until you go back to an older version… it’s pretty easy to see where to point the blame.

just my 2 cents…take it or leave it. :smiley:


myself had no problems with, am also a longtime fan of nero, been using it for like 4or5yrs. no matter which forums i go to i see problems with 6.6.x.x. I don’t remember ever having probs with Nero. Now Easy CD creator, that’s another (buggy) story - v5 was atrocious. Anyway, I used Nero 5.* heavily, not once had a problem other than silver film falling off nasty cheap discs :stuck_out_tongue:

So am stayin with, don’t care for the 72 updates that have been released in last few weeks :eek: