Power calibration error when burning with Pioneer DVR-108 & MCC 03RG20

Burning Verbatim DVR-R 16X media (MCC 03RG20) with a Pioneer DVR-108 gives ‘power calibration error’ messages. Burning other media seems to be working with no problems. Anyone knows what might be causing this?

Use 8x rated media if possible and clean the drive.

Update the firmware to the latest version; perhaps that Verbatim 16x is not supported by your current firmware. And chef please be so kind and cease to post just for posting… what the cleaning of the drive has to do with power calibration on specific media while other media works well (?!) - No hard feelings, excuse me if I was too harsh!

It’s the drive saying I don’t like this media, and I can’t work with it.

The drive is trying to adjust the laser power to a level that is suitable for this media, but that it cannot within the range over which it has control.

So either you need a firmware that has a write strategy for this media, or you need different media.

Brother Vlad