Power calibration error - what the hell does it mean?

hi, I have a samsung cd writer SHR522C,on a ASUS mobo with AMD Sempron 2200+ processor hardly two old. I have this problem of consisitently being able to write cds - all brands, music or video only at 8x. At higher speeds i get the reply of “power calibration error” and writing fails. Initially there was no such problem, but gradually the speed declined from 32x to 16x and finally now all cds write only at 8x, and that too fails at times. i have reinstalled the OS - XP pro and nero software, but of no use …Pleaseeeee help…

This is most often due to the drive not being able to properly burn the media. Either because of it being poor media, or because the drive is bad. Try a different type media and see how it goes. Also be sure you have DMA enabled and working on the burner and all other drives.

I think myself that this problems is a glitch within windows itself, by that I mean, I have a Sony Dual Layer DVD-RW AW-G170A.
And I have noticed that if I re-install windows XP complete with service pack 1, Nero 7 and 8 works fine on burning cd’s and dvd’s as does Roxio Creator V.10.
I can use cheap supermarket brand cd’s and dvd’s without any problems at all.
But soon as windows update put service pack 2 and 3 on my PC the problem begins, I have exactly the same problem as you.
I went out and bought Sony and Kodak cd’s and dvd’s and now I get no problems at all. I get a succsefull burn every time (no coasters) :-))
Although if you ask in a shop like PC World they will tell you your burner is naffed. Maybe they just trying to sell you a new one.
Hope this helps