Power calibration error (Toshiba Equium M70-173 Intel® Centrino)

[qanda]This thread is about the Toshiba Equium M70-173 Intel® Centrino™ Mobile Technology with Intel® Pentium® M Processor 740/XP HE/512MB/60GB/DVD-SuperMultiDL/WiFi. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]i have been having trouble burning cds and dvds for about a week now.Thats with all software.I downloaded imgburn to see if that would work but at the start of the burn process it stops with a power calibration error.so does nero!! can anyone give me a clue before i throw my laptop off a high building…:sad::a

This may be a hardware problem, but is often times an incompatibility between the burner and the types of media you are trying to burn.

You might look for a firmware update for your burner at the Toshiba site, or you can try high quality disks, like Verbatim brand 16x disks. Burn them at 8x if your burner will allow that speed. Taiyo Yuden 8x +R disks are also very good.

For cd’s I recommend Taiyo Yuden, which can be found online at shops like rima.com or supermediastore.com. You can sometimes still find them locally under the Maxell Pro line. All TY disks are made in Japan, so look for that on the label of the Maxell Pro cd’s.


Kerry’s suggestions are good ones as this is often a media related problem.
A firmware update may also solve the problem.

You can also try the following:

  1. Burn at moderate speeds (not the highest speed nor the lowest speed your drive supports.)

  2. Disable Windows IMAPI service in Services.

good luck.:slight_smile:

how do i disable IMAPI services? what does imapi do?

Your previous posts didn’t mention which operating system you have on your PC.

My suggestions were for [B]WinXP Pro[/B].

IMAPI is a Windows service for burning CDs directly from the operating system.
The IMAPI CD-Burning service is not necessary for many third-party CD-DVD burning applications, like Nero, ImgBurn, etc.
If you want more details on its function just Google for it.

Some users have posted that disabling it solved their power calibration error windows, but try the other suggestions first.

One way to disable it is through the [B]Control Panel[/B].
Open “[I]Administrative Tools[/I]”, then follow by opening “[I]Services[/I]”.
This will open a window showing a long list of background services running or not running on your system and brief MS descriptions of their function.
Search for the IMAPI CD-Burning Service and double-click it.
The next window will provide an option for disabling it.
You can always re-enable it later if that is not the root of the trouble.