Power calibration error! plz help

I searched and most of articles about calibration error was not

in English…

Anyway, I tried to burn a Data CD and got power calibration

error in nero. EZ CD creator 5.02 doesnt work, either.

I used three different CDR media which I dont think matters

cuz it burns clone images perfectly with clone cd… just wont burn

a Data CD with nero or easy 5.

My CDRW is acer 12/8/32. plz help.


Power Calibration errors usually symbolize something wrong with
the burner. I have seen that same error, something in the general area about Nero: power calibration error - trackwriter failed -somewhere message. Is it close to this message.??

There are several reasons why this happens.

  1. Bad media.
  2. The driver is missing.
  3. The drive is going bad.
    If it’s 1 or 2, try updating the driver, or try a brand of cd’s.

If its number 3, there could be a problem with the rails where the cd lens assembly rests on are probably dried out. First find out if you drive is still in warranty. If it is you might need to send it back
to Acer or take it back to where you bought it from. If it is not in warranty, there are links to add oil to the rail. . Let me know and I will send you a couple of them if you wish to have them, I d post the link but I am at work and cant remote to my home pc that has the link.

The only time I have ever seen this error is with sub standard media.

dingen die je kunt doen :

andere cd-rs gebruike maar je kan beter eerst dit doen vooraleer je begint te kopen:

DMA afzetten en je lens kuisen