Power calibration error...or lack of power calibration error?

Greets all,

Just a question that has occured to me, over the course of trying to solve this problem with a lite on iHAP222.

Could it possibly be…that we don’t have enough power in our power supplys (desktop p.c.), to do the high speed burn? Is this a possible source of the power calibration error blues, so many are reluctantly singing with otherwise modern, and updated (thanks all) burners?

The reason I ask is because I built a computer for a friend, at the same time i was building mine. It is identical to mine except for the power suppy. My power supply is rated at 350W, his is bigger at 450W. We have identical burners, board, chip, all same-same. Now, I gave him a bunch of DVD-R discs that gave me nothing but power calibration errors, AND HE BURNED THEM WITH NO PROBLEMS!!!

What’s up wit this? Can anyone, has anyone tested this out?

Another reason that it comes to mind is that like all computer junkies I have accumulated stuff over time to add to my beloved computer. In all honesty I have everything but a kitchen sink tied into it. Is it me? Am i sucking to much juice from my 350W power supply to do a successful, (maintain the beam at a constant) burn?

I still think this is an interesting question…

But I fixed my power calibration error by changing my media, so apparently i have sufficent burn power with my 350W.

The powers that be can close this thread if they like.

Error or not error can even be the point when different DRIVERS were installed…