Power calibration error only with DVD-R, not CD-R

I probably sound stupid asking this, but oh well :confused: …I am new to burning, I just brought a BTC DVD burner, and it came with Nero software. I Have treid burning dvd files to my DVD-R discs, and all i get is a “power calibration error” WHY?? I can make cd’s and vcd’s with CD-R discs in the same burner though. Could it be my DVD-R disc’s?? Help please. :confused: :sad:

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Please, can post more details? What dvd are you using? If possible, post mediacode. You can find mediacode using cd-dvd speed clicking on “disc info” tab.

Mine doesn’t come up with that much detailed information, i only get the following screen(see attachment)

Maybe your burner is not supported. Try DVD Identifier. It’s free and give lot of informations about discs.

You have an OUT OF DATE version of CD-DVD Speed … please download the latest version from http://www.cdspeed2000.com

i got the updated cd-dvd speed, and here’s what i got. any help??

@ Cooldadnz,

Recommend getting known good quality DVD Media. Suggest acquiring FujiFilm DVD Media and closely inspect the package and ensure it states Made In Japan. If package states any other country other than Made In Japan do not purchase.

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these are cheapy SKC DVD’s … I had them once form some cheapy store and they are “just pass” discs - they aren’t anything good … they will only just work and are not recommended by me. Something towards TY or RICOH works good as far as I have gone, other brands like MCC (verbatim) are also good :slight_smile: