Power Calibration Error on 1653S

ive just speed hack and flashed this drive so i can burn 2.5x and 4x without any problem. a couple days ago, ive burn 1 full of mp3 on a dvd disk and has a sector error on a disk, 2nd try works fine although always fails while im playback the disk, then the 3rd try, ive burn a movie collection then when i started burning, burn process failed coz of power calibiration error. what does it mean and how to prevent it? does have some effects on my pc? or its the driver is failing? this drive is just 3 months old. And also, i have a dvd blank w/o a manifacture code, and the speed is set to 2x flat, how could i tweak the driver to burn this disc at 4x? ive looked at the omni patcher but i cant find the manuf code for this disc.

LiteOn has a shit Quality buy an LG 4120B or 4163B :iagree:

@ Aki21
One common source of Power Calibration Errors are the use of poor quality media. “w/o a manifacture code” present on the media you are using, I would guess that these are of very poor quality. You could spend many hours(days,weeks) researching and reading posts on how to get your burner to burn this poor media…and still not get good results. Save yourself a lot of time and headaches and get some quality media. See the FAQ’s for further info.

nyahaha… Even though Lite-on has a problem regarding to this matter, but most of them uses Lite-on coz of its flexible reading/writing. thus, much cheaper too. but it seems lite on is failing out on dvd mediums.


about mediums, i have use this type of meduims and it went well on my drive w/ 12x8x6x4x speed rating but when i buy the same type of dvd’s it only has 2x speed rating, now my question is… on omni patcher, what code does unamed dvd stored on a firmwire. it cannot write a single dvd if there is no code for this type of medium. i want to change it so i can determine if this blank is good or not.


dvd firmwires in this particular driver has a 1,024kb. if this is the total bytes on a firmwire, does it means that the total bytes on a EEPROM is ony 1,024kb flat??? what if the firmwire exceeds the current EEPROM size? what will happened?

@ Aki21
Again…all your questions are answered in the FAQs. You just have to search and read :iagree: Let us know how it goes and if you are successful

The topic is still the same, i think the real problem is the drive itself. most of older versions of lite on has no problem regarding on generic DVD-R discs. it is possible to xflash my drive to a 1633S or lower? or could i xflash it to a Sony DRU - 710A? other forums says that this thing is identical. (like my friends sony 48x24x48x cd-rw and to my Lite-on 48x24x48x cd-rw same chasis and some components)

but still failed to burn dvds coz of this problem. darn!!

@ Aki21
yes, you can flash to a 1633 or a 710.

Try this thread http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=124528
…and this thread… http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=120151

However, I don’t quite agree with your lite-on/-R media statement. Lite-on’s have always preferred +R to -R media.

And the long-standing rule still applies… if you use poor quality media, you will most likely get poor quality results.

ahh! thanks for the advice, first and formost, my dvd-r that i bought is the only available in our place, thus they have no other stock of dvd+r and dvd-/+r dl here too. so i’m stuck to fornex101 dvd-r disc and some other generics

about xflashing it… im looking forward for my result but for now need to write a results on my 1635S drive, then flash it to 710 then to 1633S. i hope i did not void my waranty ^^; if void, xflashing it to 1653S CS02 (fatory defult) and send it back to my dealer ^^;

whaaa!! there isnt any link on sony DRU - 710A F/W! whaaaaa

here’s the link to the firmwares:

I’ve flashed my drive to DRU - 710A BYX2 and it works but there’s a prob… when the drive LED blink, so as my hdd LED blink. this is not normal. but anyway, ive burn my disc w/o any prob. so ill just stick on sony for a while.

does the drive led blink green? or is the hdd led blinking when the drive is in use?

well yeah, HD LED Blinks when my DVD Drive Blinks. on lite on, i doesnt interfere with the HD LED. does it mean that the driver is not compatible on Sony DRU - 710A BYX2 F/W?