Power Calibration Error & I/O error with my new ND-3500AG?

Hi guys

Just bought this drive last week, and it worked perfectly until, uhm maybe 3 days ago, when it started not wanting to begin burning my shit anymore :confused:

Just after Lead-In the drive starts spinning up like mad. Oftenly resulting in an I/O error…

And those times it actually starts to burn the DVD, the Device Buffert jumps up and down, almost always resulting in that thing I very mush don’t know a thing about. Power Calibration Error, just after the same Error message as before (I/O)…

Any suggestions what to do about it?
I’m burning on Verbatim 4X discs… and since they where on NEc’s list of recommended media’s… i doubt that’s the problem…

Any suggestions are welcome.
Please help…

Lots of love

I have the problem too. But it is when burn cd(maxell). plz help.


Try a different media like Taiyo Yuden (the best) in both your DVD and CD writing-you can find the best price on these at www.rima.com