"Power Calibration Error", DvDShrink, AnyDvd & Nero

As you can see, I have not had the chance to take the suggestion of this forum, and try CloneDvd yet. I downloaded it, but just haven’t had the time set aside, to install it yet… In the meantime, when I burn with my old software favorites, DvDShrink & Anydvd, and Nero to burn, I keep getting “power calibration errors” and have to restart Nero several times, before it goes away, and I can burn my disc… :confused:

Often this issue is due to bad media. What discs are you using? You can see mediacode with cd-dvd speed

I use Tdk Gold DVD-R “8x”. By the way, what is mediacode, and how can it help me?

What you see on the box is the “brand” of a disc; the real disc type can be determined with mediacode.

You can find mediacode using cd-dvd speed. See the pic as example.

Mediacode is important to determine what discs are you using actually. Some discs have very low quality, and other are better. With mediacode is easier to know if your discs are good or low quality.

I don’t know how you got your version to display all that it did, or even what version you are running (It looks much better than mine), but I am running version 3.20, from Nero OEM version As you can see from the image the info is very basic compared to what you were able to derive, and even running one of the very long disc tests displayed no more info…
By the way the disc “info” is for a TDK Gold “8x” DVD-R… FYI: I followed the link in your post to the cdspeed homepage, and was about to download the new version, “Nero CD-DVD Speed V4.51.1”, when I clicked on the “Nero hyperlink” that said if you have “Nero” you don’t need this. It took me to version 7 of Nero which I don’t have, so I guess, since this has to be installed in the Nero directory (According to the instructions on the cdspeed webpage), that I cannot use it (the new version).

you don’t need nero to run cd-dvd speed.

download latest version here