Power Calibration Error DH 20A3P

Last week I was backing up 12 dvd’s, and trying not to overheat the drive, I stretched it over three days. One morning I burned three, and in the evening I continued with another two. The first one was perfect, but starting the second one the drive took over a minute lead in time, and it ended with a Power Calibration Error. Thinking it was a bad disk, I tried with another one, resulting in a second useless dvd. Not knowing what to do about it, I tried “Clear OPC History” in SmartBurn 3.3.2 and rebooted the computer. Then I tried burning again, lead in time was about 20 seconds again, and all burns where perfect after that.
I’m happy I found a solution, but I like to know what could have cured the problem. Personally, I think it was “Clear OPC History”, not the reboot.

Verbatim MCC004, LiteOn DH 20A3P, Nero (my favorite version).

:rolleyes: Leo