Power Calibration Error + Audio Problem

It all started a week ago when I recieved the error message from hell, Power Calibration Error. I tried different methods such as different media, different software, cleaned the lens of my burner (old burner, ACER 4x4x32), but none seemed to work.

I had Nero 5.5 at the time, and went to Nero 6.6. Now with Nero 6.6 when I attempt to make an Audio CD it will not add .mp3 as they are not formatted correctly. It will only accept .m3u and .cda. Shouldn’t Nero automatically convert it into a .mp3 whilst burning?

So, my problems are…

  1. Any suggestions for the Power Calibation Error? It is quite an annoyance.

  2. Why won’t it accept .mp3’s anymore? How will I fix this?

Thank you for your time.

Please… Anyone. This is urgent.

Here are some pictures of the Audio Problem: