Power Calibration Area Error on TSST TS-H652M



Hi there, Maybe one of you chaps can give me a hand here. I have a TSST TS-H652M (came with FW 0414) that won’t write to (Memorex) DVD+R’s. When writing in ImgBurn I get a “Power Calibration Area Error” on the first sector. So off I went to MyCE to find a solution. SOOO, meanwhile I tried flashing to KC03 with SFDNWIN (with -nocheck), which did not fix it. So I tried the TS-H652M_SC02 that was posted here, and had the same problem that some people mentioned: Drive stays closed with light on; says FW is BOOT. Flashing back to KC03 didn’t work still says BOOT) , so I tried a crossflash to SH-S182M_SB06_rpc1 mentioned here. Now, while the drive works, I still have the same Power Calibration Area errors. Please help!:sad:



what happens if you use known good media instead of Memowrecks?



Haven’t tried really. I’m almost finished with them anyhow. Which brand do you recommend (that won’t make me broke)?


Verbatim & Taiyo Yuden/JVC.


:DThanks guys for your help. I managed to flash back to KC03, and tried Sony DVD+R, and it worked!!:smiley: