Power Cal Error DL+R, LH-20A1L

I’ve had this drive (firmware BL05) for 4 months now. No issues w/ Verb DVD5 +R and ImgBrn. Tried my first Verb DL+R (mid MKM-001-00) on this burner at 4x. I can hear the head hunt for about one minute. Finally an ImgBurn Error pops up:

I/O Error!
Interp: Check condition
Interp: Send DVD Structure - DVD+R DL Boundary Information
Interp: Power Cal Area Error.

Hit retry, same thing. Hit cancel. I was finally able to get the disc out (hit abort several times, ImgBrn wouldn’t let go, used task manager). Only tried this one disc so far.

Anyone have any ideas?

BTW: I was able to put disc and files on other system and completed the burn with my trusty Plex 716. Disc played fine.

Thanks in advance and Best Regards

Had the same error with the same Burner LH-20A1. I’m starting to believe this model is totally piece of crap. I return it to the store and picked LG H55 instead. Hope not seeing any Power Cal. Errors again !!!

What media were you using? What firmware version?


What media were you using? What firmware version?


For DVD I used Verbatim x16 made in Japan (TY03) and for CD I used Verbatim x52 Colored made in Japan also.
I always used this pack w/o any problems till the errors cames. For me it wasn’t the media. The drive was crap !!!
Take my advice and replace the drive if you can.

About the firmware… it was the latest one something with N in the end.

I had the same problem with verbatim mkm 001 and the only way to burn it was down speed to 2,4X and worked properly

i tried 2.4x using imgbn. Burn seemed to go ok until it came time to do the synch and finalize. It hung up there. Disc was unreadable. I think it’s time to do the RMA thing. Either Newegg or thu liteon.

Kindest REgards

I have no choice but to do the RMA thing. I’ve had it more than 30 days.
Liteonit will only exchange (of course), I have to pay shipping.

The tech support person on the phone wanted me to try a lens cleaner, but with other posters in this forum reporting the same issue, i don’t think so.

So I did the RMA thing thru newegg and they are paying the shipping (both ways!!). Not such a bad deal, only two DL coasters. Hopefully, the replacement item will work.