Power Cable Unplugged



power cable accidently unplugged during firmware update of my samsung combo drive (Sh-M522c) and the drive is completely unrespoding what to do!!!


Replace it, and don’t do an upgrade without putting it into the case first? DVD drives don’t cost that much, treat yourself to an upgrade.


thanks olyteddy but cannot i fix this problem?!


[QUOTE=GIEMNA1027;2116038]thanks olyteddy but cannot i fix this problem?![/QUOTE]
You said it’s not “responding”, but does your computer recognize it being there? If so, you might be able to just re-flash it.
(If the computer can’t ‘talk’ to it, you can’t re-flash it, and it’s now a door stop.)


my computer cannot recognize it and the door does not open !!!


The drive is dead. Buy a new one.