Power cable question

How do i remove the power cables from the dvd drive? I tired it but i cant seem to remove it.

Hi :slight_smile:
With care. Sometimes they can be very stubborn. Just keep trying. If possible remove drive from case to give better access to plug.

I tired that but it still wont come off. Is there some sort of lock that i have to unlock or something?

Hi :slight_smile:
Not that I’ve encountered. Have known some resort to using pliers (small computer type, not the the standard type). Which seems extreme to me & make sure that there’s no sideways or up/down movement. Otherwise damage to drive’s pins will occur. But I’m not reccommending this course, as it shouldn’t be necessary.


Due to the angle and inability to get access to most power plugs - I personally use a long set of needlenose pliers - clamp the plastic housing only and use the side of the drive for leverage - and ‘gently’ apply pressure against the drive until the plug starts to move out-


What cable are you trying to disconnect? If it’s the data cable (the ribbon) it shouldn’t be too stubborn. Also, it’s safe to pull it by the cable itself, as it’s very firmly affixed to the plug and won’t be damaged.
If it’s that small connector for the analog audio out, you may need to depress a small latch on the connector itself to get it to let go.
If it’s a Molex plug (white nylon, 4 wires, for power), though, all bets are off. Those things can be incredibly hard to remove. Remove the burner if you can, then use a pair of big pliers, grab the plug strongly and pull as much as you can, swinging it from left to right as you do it.
When the plug finally does let go you will, of course, still be applying all your strength to the pliers, which means your hands will shoot backwards. Be careful not to punch yourself in the face. If the burner is still in the case, you’ll probably hit a piece of it and your hands will probably bleed. It builds character.


EXACTLY why I use the needlenose pliers to ply it ‘gently’ from the side - using the drive housing as leverage-

btw - does not work on short drives where the plug is hidden by the case-


An added plus, is that with big mike’s method if you slip, the pliers make a nice ground for you to get zapped (oops forgot to unplug the juice)… :slight_smile:

Yo Rob-

I would give you credit for being seasoned enough to ‘always’ unplug the power cord - as I always do (and remove all jewelry, watches, etc) BEFORE working inside your computer - and would expect anyone that plunges into their 'puter innards would do the same-

btw - I remember some months ago - a noob leaving his computer running whilst changing out burners-

#1 - he admitted it!!!

#2 - he wondered why the drive did not work

#3 - guess the number of responses he got

(if you guessed ‘zero’ you are absolutely correct)


It escapes me how needlenose pliers can pry out those plugs. I mean, I understand you use them as levers and not as pliers, but some of the plugs I’ve seen took a LOT of sweat to come free with big tough pliers; levering had no effect whatsoever.

In reality, I do like big mike. But I use my leatherman. Leverage is great… You just have to be careful. I’ve had a few of those molex plugs that I would have sworn were welded on. But they do all come off. Good thing my fireman friend has the jaws of life… lol…

And Mike… On another note, my favorite post so far was the guy from downunder who on a friends advice change his power supply to 120v, and fried his pc. His buddy convinced him that by switching from 220 to 120, it would provide more power to his devices…

put in by hand can be removed by hand, wiggle left/right while pulling firmly back and out, may need a stronger set of fingers.