Power cable plugged in backwards

Hi everybody. Maybe someone has a quick answer for me.

The other day I found my BenQ DVD Burner DW1650 with the power cable plugged in the wrong way / upside down. I’m not going to be too angry with the poor fool who did it, since that person was probably me.

But now it doesn’t seem to work (big surprise there), but it just occurred to me that maybe the problem lies with the IDE/ATA->USB converter that I’m using to plug into my laptop.

Does anyone think there is hope for my poor drive or did it get toasted?



Toasted, I’m afraid. You mixed up 5 and 12 Volts. :sad:

And possibly that IDE/USB converter is fried, too…

Don’t know how you did that as the plug is rounded on one side so not to confuse.

Yeah what he said.

Unless maybe the wires fell out and then put them back in the wrong order :eek: