Power as in watts

Hello, I am on my first post to this forum. I did not know it existed untill I need information and was looking for parts. I am a regular on a photography forum. It has the same format as this one. I learn plenty there. I am sure there is alot of experience and knowledge here also.
Hence, My delima. :o
I wanted to installed a new Video Card and a new DVD Writer.
First, I installed the Video Card. It seemed to work great. Then when it came to installing the DVD Writer.
My Computer started to act up. It would not power up.
It would, on, off, on, off, ect. :eek:
I think the problem is in the power supply. It only has 250w. What do you think? If you think it is the power supply. How large of a power supply should I install. 400w? 500w? 600? I think 500w. :bow:
Nardbuster Transportithere@yahoo.com or just post. :doh:

Welcome to the forum!

We need a bit more information in order to help you out.
What processor are you running? What model is the new video card?
Do you have another optical drive? How many hard disk are in the computer?

Depending on what video card/processor you are running, 250W is probably just not enough.

Interesting how after you installed the burner things started to go wrong. Optical drives in general use very little power compared to some of the new videocards.

250W is really too less power for an actual gfx card and some other drives connected.
420W (good PSU, check out the PSU thread) should be OK.

I had the same problem (with 2 DVD burners and a 400W no-name PSU - problem started after installing the 2nd burner)…so far, I think keeping it switched on at the wall seems to be helping for me - but I have a 500W PSU (recommended by someone here) standing by, just in case. I’ve heard that drives use more power when spinning up, after you switch the PC on…

I’d definitely upgrade your PSU - anything at or over 400W should do OK.

(I’d recommend name brands, but after receiving 2 dud Antecs in a row…)


But just enough to push it over the edge. Talk about walking a thin line :slight_smile:

It would seem so.

Out of curiosity, does anyone know how much power an optical drive uses when it’s idle (no disk in the drive but the computer on)?

That depends on the drive and model. Some (not all) newer LG burners can suck up to 50W sometimes. I really don’t know why, because normally it should be under 20W.
Or did I get a wrong info?!?

That’s interesting, wouldn’t mind hearing/reading more about that.

lol 250W bloody hell - It must be some old generic PSU - You will never survive that on a new system… In fact new systems now require an ATX12V type PSU with extra connectors for your CPU and GFX card. Newer generation graphic card require this connector.

I think a baseline would be 450W - My personal recommendations would be 480W and higher. I personally use 550W :smiley:

Go for a high quality PSU with dedicated rails…

Antec or Enermax

Seasonic are pretty good too. Try and get one with a 120mm fan to keep the noise levels down. Whatever you do, don’t go for the cheap ‘n’ cheerful £20 ones. A 500W cheap power supply is worse than a 300W good quality one.

Wattage ratings on PSU’s are nearly meaningless. What matters is how much current it can deliver over any one rail at once. Usually, the 12v rail is the one that’s over-loaded. Current drain on the 5v rail is usually pretty small. Any PSU that is rated for more than 22amps on the 12v rail should be adequate in this case. Dual 12v rails are currently the rage, with capacity for 20+ amps per rail. These babies will set your power meter to spinning for sure.

But the watts rating is for the whole PSU output combined, all rails.

A friend told me that after he got an replacement drive for a failed NEC burner which was an LG 416x. Weird, eh?! :confused:

Buy either a Seasonic, on an Antec with at least 350W. They will power anything.

Antec has compatibility issues, I’d rather go for Seasonic 120mm series…
If they’re too expensive have a look at FSP.
Enermax, Tagan, Antec aren’t that interesting when you have Seasonic and FSP (Fortron Source) on the market.

Can you elaborate on the compatibility issues ? I have an Athlon 64 system with the latest graphic card ( 7800GTX ) and I have not had ANY compatibility issues. I have 2 PCs, 1 has the Antec TrueGold 550W and another has the TrueControl series… I have so far never had to manually adjust voltages.

The information I recieved is great. I have been shopping. The people at Tigerdirect.com provided me with some information. I also spoke to the people at info@justpowersupplies.com. The PSU is a Bestec # ATX 250-12z rev D2. Besttec has one larger. But, according to the rep. It will not be enough power for the video card. The DVD draws a small amount of power. The video card draws much more. That is where the inbalance is occuring. He mentioned a 450w to 500w PSU will cure my woes. He did not have one. Tigerdirect.com, was really helpful. He mentioned his home computer, children gamers ect… He recomended a PSU he has had no returns or complaints about. The price is great, $19.99usd about $10.00 shipping, 5 days to recieve. I could always go airmail 2 days for an additional fee.
The fact he mentioned one that is cost effective with no complaints -v- a more spendy one. Makes me happy. Therefore, I am shareing the information with you.
I don’t think a person is going to sell me something at a low cost just to sell some junk. I think he wants good a report. I will keep you informed. This weekend I hope to put this 8 year old, pent, win 98, back into the closet or donate it. I think I will keep it untill I get a relacement for the one I am working on…
What I could do is remove what I have installed. At least the video card, and shazam I will be able to use the other computer untill the PSU arrives.

COLOR=Navy]xxx[/COLOR Now that I have said all that. I re-read ‘a cheep 500w is worse that a good 300w’ or some thing to that effect. decisions, desisions.

I assume this is the PSU that Tigerdirect recommended:
Good luck, I hope it works well when you get it. Okia is not known for quality PSUs.

This is the cheapest PSU that I would recommend.

$29 (AR) + shipping

@ greg42
http://www.silentpcreview.com/article299-page2.html (read the yellow square at the bottom)
For instance…

Read the second part in that yellow area - Just because a series has compatibility issues does not mean ALL ANTEC PSUs are crap.

We are talking about the NEOs prior to revision A3…

I am using an ANTEC TrueGold550 and TrueControl550 and they work absolutely fine. Of course that all depends on the motherboard you want to get. SLI is another issue, you need to get revision A3 or later.

I would be carfull what you buy. There are a lot of crappy power supplies out there. You would be beter off with a smaller one of good quality than a larger one of poor quality. The cheap ones often play games with the ratings and do not put out near what they claim. I would question just about any power supply that cost 20$.