Potplayer updates

Potplayer is a free, highly capable multimedia player for Windows operating systems. It supports 3D output, hardware acceleration, varied subtitle formats, and even 10bit video. Potplayer is also easy to customize if you do not like the original GUI, and there are numerous custom skins to choose from.

The latest version is 1.6.48576 [1.6.49134 Beta] 2014/07/28.

And here is the changelog for this version.

  • Compiled with the new version of compiler
  • Added Hungarian translation
  • Added German translation
  • Added 2nd subtitle output support
  • Added the ability to append subtitles to the current subtitle
  • Added the ability to set playback skip intervals specifically for each file
  • Added an option to send played files to Recycle Bin
  • Added the ability to specify icon libraries
  • Added find function to Subtitle Browser
  • Added MKV Edition support
  • Added the ability to insert dragged files at the drop point within a playlist
  • Added multiple selection support to Subtitle Browser
  • Added the ability to auto mount ISO files in Windows 8 or newer
  • Fixed screen position problem of some SSA subtitles
  • Removed subtitle transmission along with broadcasts
  • Fixed a problem that can not play HTTP TS streams
  • Fixed an issue where some HDMV subtitles doesn’t show up
  • Fixed an issue that can not login with daum account from certain systems


You can find a few new skins for the program here, though there are many others available: http://daumpotplayer.com/category/skins/