Potentially MCC Office Depot 16X DVD-R/+R 100 discs for $20



they could be MCC media, a spindle of 100 for $20 for the memorial day sale, as good as their Verbatim clearance price (every store has different price on clearance products, the price is depends on the store manager discrepancy so store mananger marks the down the price of clearance and thus not nationwide price). The last time I was at office depot I spot all the MCC media, you can clearly see the serial number ending with ****DVR something like that, search for another thread for how to spot MCC media.


dont forget to check out the maxell CD-R too, see link above, 50 disc spindle for $5.99

LG External DVD burner, $39.99 on the last page of the ads

And dont forget to visit the clearance section of the store if you are looking for Verbatim 16X +R/-R, inkjet printable media, +R DL, all of them are on clearance, price varies store by store like I mentioned above.


There is also an ad for $3 off in store purchase with empty ink jet catrdige. Anyone know how stringent they are about this (vs. Staples, for example)?

Also, any other identifying characteristics of the MCC media?

And how does it burn in an NEC-3500a, Plextor PX-740a (rebadged Benq 1640), and Matshita UJ-846 (in Apple Intel 20 inch iMac)? (everything has stock firmware)


Sale doesnt start till Monday.
After my buys at BB yesterday, I’m sitting on 1350 blank disc’s. Still it’s hard to not buy when you see quality media on sale. :slight_smile:


Holy smokes! That’s a lot of blank media! :bow:

I have a hard time convincing my wife I need more than 100 blanks on hand at a time.


hahaha, tell your wife that those blanks will be used for baby pictures. I have many blanks on hand too, namely Sony TYs and Fuji’s TY. And I also have a lot of Inkjet printable as well, mostly TY also. I only have a spindle of MIT left on hand, so I am gonna go stock up on those media. I remembering seeing MCC signature serial on both +R and -R on OD branded media.
Regarding burning these discs on stock firmware on a panasonic, plextor, and NEC, I wouldn’t recommended it since 16X media is fairly new. I know that your plextor supports 16X on these media but newer updated firmware fine tune the burning on these media. Can I ask what is the reason behind not updating your firmware??


videohelp seems to only have reports of RICOHJPNR03 and RITEK…P16 for the +R 16x media and only RITEKF1 for -R 16x

have you bought office depot media before and gotten MCC?

officemax branded media is sometimes MCC…just wondering if there is some confusion here.


Any idea how that media burns on a Benq 1620? I have some Sony TYs left, but this is a great price if the media is good.


I know for a fact the 50 packs can be MCC 004’s, you have to check the serial numbers
and you can see them through the cake pack.

Don’t know if any of the 100 packs are MCC though but if they are packaged like the
50 packs you should be able to see the serial number.


Search isn’t working for me. Can you tell me what the serial number contains that I need to look for?


Mmmmm office depot. Thats is both filling and refeshing. Fill er up again I want more discounts.


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i’m confused :confused:

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Just came back from one OD and none of the +R or -R had the mirrored “DVR” imprint near the center. Even though it’s $20, I think I will pass.

As for the LG external, it was an older model, GSA-2164D, NO LightScribe capability.


Look in this thread it’s all I could find and I am about to leave to go somewhere.


Sorry best I could do on short notice.


I’ve burned quite a bit of Office Depot’s +8x and +16x. Those 16x’s a while back were Ricohjpn-R03,and the last few months-Ritek-P16. I’ve heard some peeps have had more trouble with the Ritek-P16 OD media. Probably due to firmware issues?

Any idea how that media burns on a Benq 1620?

If they are ricohjpn-r03: Your benq 1620 will love them. I prefer the Ritek-R03 in the older 8x.Maybe they’ll have some when I go there monday.Both of mine love the Ritek-Ro3 and Ricohjpn-R03. I did run into 6 discs in a row of 1 spindle of ricohjpn-r03 OD media. Manufacturing flaw-looked like a waterspot inbetween the outer acrylic and dye. No biggie because they were only 20 cents each that time.

Thanx for that info Ghetocowboy! That’s the 20 cent sale I’ve been looking forward to for the last 6 months or so.


I’m confused too, and that doesn’t take a lot with me either. :eek:
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ricoh is good too, any way to find out on how to spot ricoh media??? I’ll pass on ritek since I am not that desparate for media