Potentially fake Sony BDR's from Japan?



I just purchased a 50 BDR spindle of apparently Sony BDR’s from the ebay seller below but I’m a bit suspicious and I thought you guys might know more…
Firstly here’s the auction:

Now the discs themselves are completely white, but that’s because they’re inkjet(do Sony even make inkject compatible discs?). But when I check the Media ID in imgburn it comes up with PHILIP-R04-000.

I googled the hell out of that and I could not find any association between that ID and Sony products.

Can anyone please shed some light on this?



You said You bought a 50 spindle, Your link goes to a 25 spindle.

I never heard of PHILIPR04 in Sony spindles before, but nothing is impossible.
Because Sony cooperates with the manufacturer MBI in India and labels MBI R06, sold as Sony BD-R25 6x.
MBI also manufactures BD-R25 4x with the mediacode PHILIPR04, so why not.

The linked seller is a well known and experienced ebay seller, I don´t think he sells fakes deliberately.
Does the spindle have an original Sony banderole/shrink wrap?
If not, maybe the seller made a mistake when repacking the discs, but I don´t think so.
If it has a shrink wrap and You find the signs インド製 on it, it means Made in India and I would say Your discs are “genuine” Sonys from a “new” manufacturer not known before for making BD-R25 4x for them.
The mediacode PHILIPR04 is mostly notorious for cheap and crappy labels, but it can also be decent.


Sorry I should’ve clarified, I actually ordered a spindle of 25 but was sent a spindle of 50 instead. So hopefully I’m lucky. :stuck_out_tongue:

The spindle was shrinkwrapped like in the auction photo, however since the spindle itself was heavily damaged during transit (the discs seem fine though) I can’t say 100% as to whether it’s the original seal.

As for the Japanese symbols I can only see one place which has インド which google translate tells me is India, but it isn’t next to a 製.
Here’s a photo:

I’m not particularly concerned as such, as as you said the ebay seller is very experienced and if he’d sold dodgy products you’d think he’d be found out by now. It’s just that I paid for Sony ones because I felt they were a premium product and I’d be disappointed if the quality was the same as some cheap version.


Looks good so far, 50 spindles sent from Japan in air cushion envelopes only are very often damaged, alas.
Let´s hope Sony has still quality standards, if You are able to run a quality scan after burning, let us see, please!


What’s the best software to use to scan? I’ve run verifies in imgburn and they’ve come back fine…


First, You need a LiteOn writer or a LiteOn clone like HP or TEAC, then you can run quality scans with OptiDriveControl.

The tool doesn´t work with Pioneer or LG drives for blu-rays.


Ah, OK I have a Pioneer external. I do have an older 2x Sony BD Writer that’s about 6 years old. I can plug that into a usb adapter. Are Sony drives ok with that tool?


You can try, but I don´t think so.