Potential workaround for starforce

I recently bought a copy of Toca Race Driver 2. I have 2 pc’s 1 been at work and as such didnt want to keep carrying the disc to work all the time.
and this what i tried to get it working without DVD and this works !

  1. Create an image using Blindwrite 5.1.6b (i think i used an automatic profile can’t remember)

  2. Create network share on the pc that has the image and map a drive to it

  3. Install via the Share (reboot after installation (dunno if make a difference)

4 Disable your IDE CDROM/DVD drives in your BIOS (this is a pain in the ass)

5.Mount the image using lastest version of Daemon Tools with all emulation options turned on and your localised DVD zone set. (you still need to use the mapped networked drive as the mount point) Further note i made sure the mapped network drive was the same network drive as what i installed the game , i dunno if this makes a difference.

  1. Play the game

(First posted by vshadow)

Yep Starforce can be emulated through a virtual drive but as already seen you need to disable all physical drives, which is a real pain in the ass.

A better soltion is being worked on by the Blindwrite team :wink:

I thought the newest version killed this method? I guess not;)

Guys it has to be mounted over a network for the emulation to fool starforce.

Its not just the old trick of removing your ide drives.

Well really this isn’t a conventional idea but it could be useful if you had a network.

i use this method

1)unplug all cd-cd/rw drives
2)install alchool 120% version 1.4.8 build 1222
3) create a virtual drive with alchool
4) in alchool options enable all options in “emulation” and all options in “protection”
5) mout image iso of the game , the image is phisically located in other pc connected via lan , i mount image trough lan.

This method work , if not i reboot pc and the game start!!!

I have posted this method 5 day ago in “torrentreactor forum” but nobody trust me
Now i see the users Sgtshaft that use the same metodh and i’m happy to see… :iagree:

The secret is LAN , trough lan the starforce protection don’t work!!!

yes verry good that you discovered this. however i think the starforce developers can fix this hole in next update quite fast though… :Z

i tried the same method with singles (i dont play that game believe me :stuck_out_tongue: ) but it not works after the new update …

Tell me, tell me, tell me!!

What do you know, what we don’t??

They say it should be ready in june, july or august.

lets hope it ! , i won’t mind if i have to buy an plextor premium to do it

Thats precisly thought that i thought, i bought one, it cant handle SD 3.20 as far as ive tested it :frowning: .

If you have SCSI devices only is not a problem hehe. Unplug them is not necessary

Anyway I think it is time to have a solution for both tages and starforce 3 protections; I think Plex premium will be a RC :wink:

wel Tages ain’t a problem ,but SF3 is a real pain in the arse there ain’t even NOCD patches out for many SF3 games… :o