Potential Problems with my 40125s?

Sorry if some of you see my post at the forum within LiteOn.com - I felt that forum seemed a little dubious, so I then found this forum and wish to submit my problem to all of you as well.

Hello! I just purchased an OEM 40125S. I made this decision after much research and chose LITE-ON due to much positive user comment and reviews, in addition to the price point. The drive I just received (from NEWEGG.com) has one perplexing habit. When I insert a disk, the spin up is very erratic - which is fine, but then most but not all of the time it begins to make an abnormally loud sound. This sounds like something is interfering while it tries to spin the disk. It is a whirring/grinding sound. I have discovered today that in WindowsXP while it makes this sound it causes windows to hang temporarily. Also, it takes quite a while for it to fully recognize the disk and send that info to windows. I have built over 20 different PCs and used now about 6 different CD burners and this is no normal noise. It is very loud! And yet the dive still seems to work - I have burned one CD with the drive and it did work fine. But this can’t be normal. Should I send it back before time runs out and whatever is going on makes the drive unusable? Suggesstions?

The drive do make some sound, like a very powerfull fan blowing air.

But I’ve never noticed any strange sounds beside that. Do you have it on the main IDE controller and have DMA enabled?

Do it sound like this with all discs?

The system hang is normal.

If the disc is out of balance, that could cause the noise. The drive is loud when it reads and writes. Try another disc or if it’s a CDR, try another brand. Worst case if the noise is still there, get an RMA from Newegg and exchange it.

I have it attached to IDE1 and it is slave to my IBM harddrive. On IDE2 I have an LG 16x40x DVD as master and a zip100atapi as slave. I have not yet tried the drive in another computer. The noise is different than a loud “fan” noise. I will try some different media in it to see if that makes a difference when I get home tonight. Thanks for your input! Oh, and yes DMA is enabled.

This is very weird, I had the very same problem but, sometimes when I would insert a cd-r into the drive I got a wierd noise when trying to burn something. I tried to ctrl-alt-del, shut down the burning program, and nothing would help, besides hitting the reset button… After a freash boot-up I put the same cd-r in the drive and I could burn what ever I needed… After a while the drive wouldn’t even read a cd…I called newegg today and got a RMA number and ordered another drive… The sound it was making, to me, was not good…
Mine was retail version…

Just my thought

OK, I’ve tried different media, and it is the same with everything I put in the tray. It seems to have gotten worse now. I’m going to get an RMA tonight. Thanks for all your input.