Potential Hub issues?

I have noticed that a percentage of my TY/MCC discs are having physical defects around the inner hub. Have others experienced this, and I suppose more importantly, could this lead to potential faster degradation issues?

Here are some pictures I took to illustrate what I am talking about:

I have lots of discs like these.

You may find that the area where air is trapped may get larger as time goes on, so degradation might occur.

In general though problems with the hub shouldnt be a problem.

I wouldnt ever use a cracked hub disc though as the disc might fly apart when being read at such high speeds.

I’ve experiences air bubbles and similar deformaties from nearly every manufacturer. Off the top of my head, I’ve had notable “issues” with:

TDK (made in Japan, made in Luxembourg)
Sony (made in Japan, made in Taiwan)
MCC (made by CMC)

Honourable mention goes to TY and Prodisc, with whom I have not had any issues, although I haven’t used much of the latter. CMC has also been pretty good, in general.

I think it’s safe that it’s an extremely prevalent “problem” in this industry, but how it affects lifespan is very debatable.