Potato Guns



Has anyone ever shot a potato gun (aka…spud guns)? My cousin made one and I shot it a few times. It was fun! It shoots whatever you can stuff into it a looooooooooong ways. We used hair spray as the propellant. The potato guns can be very dangerous if made and/or shot improperly.

“The United States Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms does not classify spud guns as firearms when they are used appropriately – that is recreationally, and without intent to harm people or damage property. However, firing a spud gun is illegal in most cities, and some states have outlawed them. Other countries have their own regulations regarding spud gun ownership and use”


:eek: :eek: :eek:


no .Never saw one before .Thanks for info and pictures.
Long ago my 1 sister that was a bit wild & her pals , shoved potatoes in car exhaust pipes .I was 18 months younger than sister always hid around to she they would get up to.


Bam! Bam, bam, bam!

Or should I say … spuuuuud!

I have no objections to toys, but I draw the line at “Weapons of Mash Destruction”.


Do you want fries with that? :stuck_out_tongue:


I used to have a pretty good sized spud gun. They make wonderful potato sauce when fired at a cinderblock wall. Yummmmm… just like mom used to make! :slight_smile:



i’ve got one in my closet…shot taters,radishes and any fruit/vegetable that’ll fit into it…use white rain hairspray as an ignitant…goes quite a long ways :wink:


I actually made a very crude one when I was quite young :bigsmile:
It was a metal tube which I squirted hairspray into, then rammed a tightly fitting potato into and put it on th kitchen stove… then ran like hell :iagree:
My mum wasn’t too impressed, but I thought it was cool :iagree:

(ok, you have to bear in mind that I was the type of kid who had a chemistry set and a microscope :o )

A couple of years ago I did see Clarkson (as of Top Gear) making a very similar giant turkey gun on his chat show. He did the same thing on bigger scale by stuffing a raw turkey into a big metal tube. It blew up and destroyed a bunch of the tv studio lighting.
It must be on YouTube somewhere.

Ah, good old fashioned home-made fun :bigsmile:


I swear I heard a rimshot when I read that! :slight_smile:


:bigsmile: Good Video----> Potato Cannon


When I was a teen (long time ago) we used to make something similar.

We would take soda cans and cut both the tops and bottoms off (6-7 cans) and Duct tape them together and stick a tennis ball in.

We used lighter fluid for a fuel source :rolleyes:


this is the kind i used when i was younger


The shoulder launched potato bazooka was good… huummm Home Depot is just round the corner :slight_smile:


Haha yeah, me too :bigsmile:

“Weapons of Mash Destruction” giggles :bigsmile:





Oh no, I’m not responsible for that one :bigsmile:…read back a bit, it was Debro :bigsmile:


so it was, i missed it :doh:


Jeez, I get blamed for everything :wink:





oooooh that brings back some memories :bigsmile:
we used WD-40 as the propellant, carb cleaner is excellent too :smiley:


Hehe, forgiven, I was only winding you up :bigsmile:

@jwill - WD40 eh? :eek: