Posts will resume in good time

I bought a Nissan 200 SX 1.8 Turbo 16V Super Car from a very good mate, I can’t pay him for it till the end of the month and he let me have it now. He asked me could I help out on Friday at the local MOT Centre as they were short staffed, I was supposed too be filling in some paperwork, but that changed too doing some tests, driving all sorts of class IV vehicles etc. That 1 day changed to Saturday, and then now I have been asked too go in for the next 3 weeks(Monday too Saturday) and then in June for a further 2 weeks. By the time I get home I am knackered, and dont feel like doing anything. I was dropped in the deep end alright, and never have I had too learn a new job so quick.

Computers are my Forte but I have had too put that to oneside for the time being:( Too all the Members/Moderators and Admins that respected my posts here and on the main CDfreaks Webpage, I thank you for your support. Once things are sorted out in late June I will continue with my posts too help others etc.

Greetz from a very unhappy Diplomat:(

Interceptor signing off till June. cya peeps, have fun and stay happy…End of Msg, System off-line 12/05/2002 time logged 01:27 GMT…