Posts Appearing In The Wrong Bleepin' Place

Has anyone else had problems wiith posts appearing in the wrong thread? I have. It’s getting darned irritating. This is the second time. I post to a thread only to have it appear in a different thread (and I look like an idiot). Anyone know anything about this? :frowning:

…and make sure to apply the lotion immediately before engaging in this type of activity.

Edit: Wait a minute, how did this wind up in here? I wasn’t even in this forum! Gaarry has created a worm hole in the space time continuum! :eek::eek:
And its following him around!

Suntan lotion before your round of golf! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

No idea what’s going on with Gaarry’s posts, but if it is a real bug, post here:

All you’ll get in the Living Room is fantastical expressions of imaginary threads that have somehow wound up in here.

I must have stepped in a worm hole and got some on my foot.:confused:

[QUOTE=Gaarry;2703056]I must have stepped in a worm hole and got some on my foot.:confused:[/QUOTE]

Those worms can be hard to remove. :slight_smile: