Posting Scans



Could someone please direct to the info on how to capture and post scans, I have been in search and FAQ's for an hour. Must not have the right word combinations.


What scans are you trying to post?


I just crossflashed my Lite On 1633S to 1653S C0deKings (CSTJ Ledfix) Firmware, burned a Movie and did a quality scan with Nero (score95)and it is minimized on my desktop as I don’t know how to capture and post it. posted a thank you to C0deKing and would like to attach the scan. Would also like to post some plextor scans in the Plextor forum “Post your Plextor Quality scan”


Save it to a file as a .png, go to advanced when you post, click the square with the mountain (insert image). You’re all set.


to save the image click the little discette symbol next to the minamize tab then save as png format. and to upload image click the go advanced button the manage attachments then navigate to image.


Thanks Guy’s. I feel stupid it was so easy but I have never posted before.


we`ve all been there :slight_smile:


Just giving it a Try here.


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