Posting of mini-images?

ok, basicly with all the games coming out, a 1:1 isnt allways possible, with StarForce etc, some people make “mini-images”, basicly these are small image files (about 1-20MB) that contain only the copy protection data, not the install data, so the game can be started from it on a virtual drive but not installed from it. anyway, what i am asking is am i aload to post about how to make (not download) a mini-image, i am aware a download would make it possible for users who downloaded/have a illegal version to play the game, but if people just said how then it would require a original to make a mini-image.i want to know how to make a very small safedisc mini image (around 1mb), but am unsure if i can post this question.

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what has this got to do with mini images :confused:

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If they treat them like bwa files then it would be alright. I guess we need a ruling on this.

btw nice game copy guide BEN! :iagree:

hoping DoMi (or anouther high-ranking admin) can give a comment soon on the cdfreaks rules on them, as mini-images are looking like they are becoming very popular with many protections making 1:1 no longer realistic, people want a way to play a backup without having a massive image file, but cdfreaks moderators seem to be unsure wheather to close threads concerning them. if cdfreaks does say they will allow mini-images, i will also write how to make them in my guide, since my guide is mainly for cdfreaks and i am linking to it from cdfreaks in my signiture, i guess i should only write things that respect the cdfreaks rules.

cdfreaks needs to say where it stands on mini-images, like it did on nocds and bwa files.

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[off topic]wow! you read my copy guide! is any of it wrong? honestly, is it of any use to (fairly new) cdfreaks?[/offtopic]

as long as the file contains data that pertains to the physical characteristics of the disc, and has no bearing on the data actually contained within the image file, they should be ok.

basically - physical characteristic (bad sector data, twinpeak areas) = acceptable

reverse engineering of executable to disable copy protection = bad

if you could explain how these files are generated, we could go from there.

Send me a PM with details of how these images are created (for each protection, if they relate to protections in addition to starforce) and how they are used/work so I can consider the legal implications.

i have sent you a PM explaining how they are created for SafeDisc and StarForce (the only current protections i am aware mini-images are usefull/work for).


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ok, i pmed philamber about mini-iamges, was wondering if he (or anouther member of cdfreaks staff) had come to a conclusion on mini-images in cdfreaks.

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Safedisc mini-images [ol]
[li]Allowed - Instructions on how to make a mini-image of a cd that you own provided that it does not involve hex editing.
[/li][li]Not allowed - Posts or links to mini-images (which will be regarded as warez) or instructions for making mini-images where hex editing is required or used as part of the process.
A safedisc mini-image is a partial image of the cd and includes a part of the program recorded on the cd (albeit a very small part). If used for legitimate back-up purposes (i.e. so that the game/app can be played/run by mounting the mini-image whilst the original is put away for safe-keeping), that’s ok.

However, if hex editing is required to make the mini-image, that involves a modification of part of the program without the copyright holder’s permission and that is, of course, illegal.

So far as posting or linking to actual mini-images of safedisc protected games is concerned, that is an absolute no-no. The mini-image contains part of the program and distributing it without the copyright holder’s permission is just as illegal as distributing the entire disc image. As such, posting or linking to a mini-image of a safedisc protected cd will be regarded as warez and treated accordingly (i.e. anyone who does so will be sin-binned at best but more likely banned).

Starforce mini-images

Still thinking about these and may have to consult with spath about technical aspects before making a decision. In the meantime, please do not post or link to starforce mini-images on the forum though I note that instructions for making a starforce mini-image have already been posted.

sin binned or banned?, seems a little exessive. people who post links to nocd cracks normaly just get a warning and there post edited/removed. anyway, thanks for letting us know the cdfreaks position on mini-images.


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Depends whether you’ve already got a “record” or not. :wink: :slight_smile:

[Will let you know forum position on starforce mini-images after hearing back from spath on some tech aspects.]

Ok, spath has advised me on some technical aspects of starforce mini-images and here’s the ruling-

Starforce mini-images [ol]
[li]Allowed - Instructions upon how to make and use starforce mini-images of cds that you own.
[/li][li]Not allowed - Posts or links to mini-images and associated .mds files.
Note that whilst neither a starforce mini-image nor the accompanying .mds file contain any part of the program (since the program is wholly deleted from the image in making the mini-image), we will not host or allow links to these files.

Unlike the difficulties that many encounter with making a good .bwa of securom 4.8x/5.x protected cds, we do not envisage any particular problems for people who own an original starforce protected cd in making a working mini-image of that cd (assuming, that is, that they are willing to physically disconnect all their ide roms first).

Accordingly, we take the view that permitting the posting of or links to starforce mini-images and their accompanying .mds files would serve no practical purpose other than to promote software “piracy”.

thanks for this “ruling”.
but my question is, cant bwa be used for piracy, if somebody downloads a ISO illegaly, and it wont start up, if they get the correct BWA, convert the ISO to ccd/img, twinpeak it with there downlaoded BWA, cant they get there illegal copy working?

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A BWA file is just a group of measures of a given disc stored in a proprietary
format. A mini-image made from an ISO contains bytes from the original disc
and therefore parts of the original protection.