Posting images that 'cause distress' is now a crime in Tennessee

Posting images that ‘cause distress’ is now a crime in Tennessee.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The state of Tennessee has been working hard recently to make their laws more applicable to the internet age, but the latest revision to legislation regarding electronic communications is raising the eyebrows of constitutional scholars.

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That’s completely ludicrous and yet another example of just how far out of touch modern legislators are with the practical realities of applying such laws.


Poor Google Maps… better block out Tennessee!

[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2591793]Poor Google Maps… better block out Tennessee![/QUOTE]

Dear God!

[QUOTE=Grim107;2591838]Dear God![/QUOTE]
Oh i’m sorry. Was that too much? Then better not watch The Forest Swastika Wikipedia page, making both Google Maps AND Wikipedia a crime in Tennessee.

I’m distressed that I can’t freely post images . It puts an image of America under communism in my mind . Very distressful. Can I now have the state legislature of Tennessee charged under the new crime they have created ? Their governor too.
Also their judges unless they find this law unconstitutional.
I hope the above is recognized as satire . What I’m really saying is : WHAT NEXT ?

Unless the entire judiciary has gone brain dead this will never survive a court challenge.

Yep that’s our Tennessee Government Politicians for you coming up with some off the wall
ludicrous bill like that. I just had a feeling when they got Bill Haslam voted in for Governor
and some of the new greenhorn law makers that Tennessee would go down the drain in a
hurry that is why I did not vote for him or any of the other newbie law makers. :doh:

Is this what it now means to be [I]the land of the free and the home of the brave[/I]? :disagree:

Mr Belvedere, Funny stuff Man!!!
I also liked the last sentence of the story
( the law itself is so distressing and offensive to constitutional rights advocates, that a posted image of it could be a violation.)